Chimney liners installed by the professionals in 7 steps

Chimney Liners Installed By The Professional In 7 Easy Steps
Chimney Liners Installed By The Professional In 7 Easy Steps
Chimney Liners Installed By The Professional In 7 Easy Steps
Chimney Liners Installed By The Professional In 7 Easy Steps
cost for chimney liner installed

Have you been told you need chimney liners installed or that your current chimney flue liner needs to be replaced? Chimney liners installed near me are essential in protecting your chimney’s masonry, and the cost for chimney liner installed is less for keeping your home safe from combustibles catching fire around your chimney.

Chimney liners installed by the professionals in 7 steps

chimney liners installed near me by smoky sweeper

1. Chimney liners installed- inspect the chimney

Use a light source to look for bends or restrictions that could interfere with pulling the liner through. For more prominent chimney liners installed near me, insulating them in blanket wrapping is advised. Alternatively, pouring in Vermiculite between the chimney and the flue liner after you’ve fitted it works too. If your chimney is narrower, then insulation might not be necessary. Just note that it adds an extra cost.

2. Chimney liners installed near me- appropriate diameter liner and measurements

Next, you’ll instruct to confirm the correct diameter liner for chimney liners installed. If you have a wood stove or any other, review with the manufacturer on this. If you have an open fireplace, you can search for calculators online that help you analyze the appropriate option.

3. Prepare the stainless steel chimney liner

Chimney liner how to install- Eliminate the liner from the packaging, and straighten it on a flat surface. Hook up the bottom connector and speed up a hose clamp to the connection with a wrench. Never fasten it too tightly.

4. Chimney liner how to install- insert the chimney liner down the flue

The first part of the chimney liner that will be going down the chimney is the vertical part of the tee connection attached to the liner. Lower the liner down the chimney until you get the thimble. A thimble is a hole on the side of the living space that allows the pipe attaches to the vent. Twisting the flexible liner will assist you in installing the liner if you get caught or hung up on the chimney walls. Now you need to head into the house to finish connecting the tee.

5. Connect the pipe to the tee

Once the tee connection has been installed appropriately, it is the right time to connect the line. The most pipe comes with three screws per connection point. Drill the screws into the tee’s horizontal part and the exhaust collar.

6. Remove any excess chimney liner

When you have victoriously installed the top plate, the further step is to cut the excess liner flush with the top of the collar of the top plate. Again, the grinder will provide the best cut, but a Sawzall or hacksaw will work fine.

7. Chimney liner how to install- the final step

Chimney liners installed by smoky sweeper

Finally, to complete the installation, install a top-mounted damper system or termination cap to ensure that your fireplace and appliance flue are protected against rain and animal intrusion.

Cost for chimney liner installed

The cost of relining a chimney contributes to many shocking clients. Furthermore, chimney liner costs can be surprising. And a variety of factors play into how much a chimney reline on installation costs.

Final words

You can have chimney liners installed with professional expertise. We provide chimney services, inspection, repairs, and installation of chimney liners. We have many options for your old, broken, or improperly sized flue. Contact Smoky Sweeper for an assessment, and we will advise on the right solution and affordable cost for chimney liner installed.

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