Know Your Chimney - How Your Fireplace Works In 2022
Know Your Chimney - How Your Fireplace Works In 2022
Know Your Chimney - How Your Fireplace Works In 2022
Know Your Chimney - How Your Fireplace Works In 2022
The chimney plays a crucial role in your fireplace by directing the fire smoke away from the house. Moreover, the functionality of the fireplace depends on the chimney. For the cleaner and brighter fire, your chimney ensures to draw enough air into the woodstove. You can avail of the finest chimney services from the Smoky Sweeper!

When Is The Best Time To Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning?

It’s important to know when to get the chimney cleaned. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having your chimney cleaned regularly.

Chimney repair and maintenance

How To Repair A Chimney – The Basics of Chimneys

Learn how to repair a chimney yourself. It's easy! We've got step-by-step instructions here, so you can start fixing your chimney today!

Chimney Maintenance

6 Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance Tips in Summer

Is your home safe from fire hazards caused by faulty chimnies? Chimney maintenance is the best way to ensure your fireplace works safely and efficiently.

Chimney Cricket

Chimney Cricket: Why is it important?

Do you have an idea about the chimney cricket? Your chimney is surrounded by various other things on your roof to ensure water doesn't come into your home.

Damaged Chimney repair near me

4 Signs of Damaged Chimney from Spring Storms

Damages because of spring storms on your chimney are common. However, if you notice any of the above signs of the damaged chimney, we are just a call away.

Chimney inspect

Effect of Rain on the Chimney – Smoky Sweeper

Effect of rain on the chimney include the damage to the masonry and cracking in the bricks. Prevent it by installing a chimney cap.

Replace Wood-Burning Stove

Replace Wood-Burning Stove – 4 Warning Signs

By looking into the warning signs like warping, smelly fireplace, you will understand when to replace the wood-burning stove.

Remove Nests

How to Safely Remove Nests from Chimney in 2022?

Birds nesting in a chimney is a common problem. However, you can remove nests with the help of professionals.

Chimney Fires

How to Prevent Chimney Fires? – Top 5 Tips

Chimney fires are a severe issue that you should not avoid. Learn how to prevent these and always schedule a regular chimney inspection.

Dirty Chimney

How to Clean a Dirty Chimney with Easy Steps? – 2 Mins Guide

Nothing feels like sitting near a fireplace in the winter's evening. But have you ever wondered how to clean a dirty chimney?

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